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Akap - Imago

i miss OPM.  there was a time in my late high school to early college years that i was so much into original pinoy music. i felt proud of those bands, as if i was part of them, haha. but time also came when i stopped listening to them, 'cause they no longer produced good music, at least according to me. so i got out. i miss those days when i'd take on every opportunity to watch a concert, be it from the roof of my cousin's house (which was just beside padi's point then) for the band we didn't really like but still ended up watching (cueshe), to hard rock cafe for the exclusive concert of pupil for animax where i was just too starstruck to ask for a picture with ely buendia! :|, to chicosci's free concert in eastwood where JJs abound, to someone-i-forgot's high school prom where 6cyclemind and imago played, to that valentine concert of barbie and kitchie, to college events where famous alumni bands would play, and to those concerts that i don't remember who played what anymore, haha. oh nostalgia.

i wish to hear those songs back on the radio. not that they'd bring back a lot of memories. it would just feel good to sing along when you know all the lyrics to their songs. :)

[[and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.]]

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